Do I need to have had previous experience in Pilates, Yoga or Barre to participate in these classes?
Just Believe Fit staff love introducing new people to the benefits and experience of the different styles we offer. We appreciate that everything can be daunting first time around so we take the time needed to help you develop the skills required one step at time. If you are already in an exercise routine, you will find that these styles will enhance your strength, flexibility and postural alignment and help you get more out of each of your workouts. Over time you will develop a mind body connection that will filter into every aspect of your life.
Do I need to be fit, coordinated or flexible?
Definitely not. Everybody’s got to start somewhere and this is why most people feel the need to come in the first place!  Beginners are welcome and can be accommodated in all of our classes. If you haven’t exercised in a long time, or if you have any injuries or illnesses that may impact your ability to participate, check with your doctor before you come along. Please also make sure you let the teacher know if you’re unwell or injured.
How big are your class sizes?
As a fitness facility which is focused on getting to know participants personally and providing individual attention our class sizes are kept small. Barre classes are capped at 12 and Pilates & Yoga at 15 people.
Does the timetable change?
The timetable will change from time to time, as we move with the seasons, and respond to the needs of our small community but we do our best to notify you through the Just Believe Fit App, the website and both public and private Facebook pages. If you’ve got a hard copy timetable, it’s still a good idea to check that your class is on, by viewing our schedule online or checking the website.  If you book online, you know the class is definitely on (or you’ll be notified if anything changes).
Do I need to book online?
YES! We definitely recommend that you book online. With the Just Believe Fit App it takes one click and you are in. This way, you know your spot in the class is secure, and it also allows us to let you know if there are any changes or cancellations. If you want to live on the edge, you can take your chances and just show up for a class. If there’s space, we’ll be more than happy for you to join in. If you book and cannot make it please cancel your spot asap either online or via text message to Marisa 0402916128 to avoid being charged.
What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. You can get warm quite quickly and then cool when doing stretching and relaxation so a few layers are recommended. Leggings of any length are best for Barre classes. All our classes are taken with bare feet but Pilates/Yoga socks can be worn if preferred.
What else should I bring?

Water is essential and we have complimentary bottles if you forget your water bottle. Your own yoga mat is preferable but there is no problem for you to use one of ours.

We also sell excellent quality yoga mats for $25/$35.

You might consider bringing a sweat towel especially for Barre classes or during the hotter months.

There are pigeon holes in the studios for you to leave your personal belongings during class but we recommend that you leave valuables at home as we can’t take any responsibility for missing items.

Do you have shower facilities?
We have a restroom and changing cubicles but unfortunately at this stage we cannot offer shower facilities.
What if I'm running late?
We do not lock the door but if you are running late be mindful of other participants when entering. It best to arrive about 5 mins before class. If the class is sold out and you have booked you may lose your spot to someone on the standby list.
What about parking?
Parking can be a problem especially with the St Georges Rd road works. Give yourself time to find parking in one of the side streets. We also recommend parking on the east side of St Georges Road where there is plenty of parking and walking across.
What if I'm pregnant or have recently given birth?

Please make sure you let us know if you are pregnant or have given birth in the last six months, and be sure to discuss what exercise is okay for you with your GP. We do not recommend the Pilates Flow classes and some exercises in other classes may be unsuitable or will need to be modified at different stages of your pregnancy or following birth. Please email if this fits your profile.

While our teachers can give you some general information and guidance, they are unable to offer medical advice, so please make sure you discuss any exercise routine you’re planning to undertake with your doctor

How much are classes? Do you offer memberships?
We have a range of options, including our pay for one class, get the next one free offer to give you the best possible value. You can pay casually, purchase class packs, or if you’re coming to two or more classes per week, a monthly unlimited pass is the way to go.  Direct Debit memberships will be offered soon.
Where are classes held?

All classes are held at Brunswick School of Dance, 50 Gadd St, Northcote, except Pilates Matwork for Men, held at Cecil St Studio, 66 Cecil St, Fitzroy.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a mat and a drink bottle. Whilst some spare mats are available, it is advisable to bring your own mat for personal comfort and hygiene. Water and light refreshments are available to purchase at Brunswick School of Dance.