Barre Body Tone

Barre Body Tone is designed to work your body but not bamboozle the brain. It is fun and energetic but can be readily modified to allow for participants to adapt according to their needs. Moves are strong and repetitive to sculpt and tone but also build endurance. We use the ballet barre for balance, support and to encourage an upright posture with core control and Pilates balls and circles, bands and weights to give you a total body workout. Be ready to giggle as you tone the bits  that wiggle and jiggle.

 It is suitable for all levels of participants including pre and post natal mums.  Please call ahead of time if you have a health concern you need addressed prior to the class.

Just Believe Fit Studio for Marisa

Pilates Flow Body Tone

This is a happy, get you moving session that will leave you satisfied that you have done your exercise for the day!   Pilates Flow meets Barre Body Tone and blends the best of the best for a total inner, outer body work out. 

This class can be adapted for all levels but is not recommended for pre- natal mothers after their first trimester as it includes significant sections of prone and supine matwork.

Just Believe Fit Studio for Marisa
Just Believe Fit Studio for Marisa

Cardio, Core and Stretch

When you want a time efficient workout that ticks all of the boxes this is the class for you! It is the perfect complement to your other mind body classes. You will work hard but you are guaranteed to laugh all of the way as your instructors guide your through this super fun class.
Designed to keep your body burning calories long after your training session is complete, Cardio Core and Stretch is a high intensity 30 minute workout including a series of body-weight exercises with interval style training which is then followed by 15 minutes of flexibility work to keep you stretched and supple. This class is adapted to the needs of participants and low impact options are given for all exercises. Runners and suitable clothing must be worn for this class.

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