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Matwork for Men

Get down on the mat for a no fuss, no frills Pilates workout tailored for men. A one hour class designed to develop body awareness from the inside out and the control to build strength, flexibility and an injury-resistant core. All classes start with breath awareness, postural alignment and deep abdominal engagement to set a sound base for beginners and more experienced participants alike. Pilates balls and bands are used with exercises to add resistance, whilst focusing on precision and control. Emphasis is given to improving spinal and hip mobility and flexibility in the hamstrings. Progressions and modifications are given for all exercises as required. No previous Pilates experience necessary but a Doctor’s clearance is recommended if you are new to exercise or recovering from illness or injury. Mats provided if needed.

Don't let the girls have all the fun!

A Pilates matwork class just for Men.

Wednesdays 6.15 – 7.15 pm

@Cecil Street Studio, 66 Cecil St, Fitzroy.

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Joseph Pilates
“Marisa’s classes are perfect for men like me who want a comfortable environment but still want to work hard. I love how she can cater for any level and teaches to your needs while pushing you to work harder and become stronger. I’ve done a range of fitness classes and styles but her Pilates & Yoga mix classes are some of the hardest I’ve worked in.
Perfect for the guy (like me) that needs to lose a few kilos after enjoying themselves over the years. It gets results and you don’t need be part of a group that already has standards or expectations before you even arrive.”
Dan Pinne

Digital Marketer, Organik Digital

“The Pilates Matwork for Men classes have been a really important part of my routine. They have strengthened me and helped me with better awareness of my body in everyday life. Marisa is one of the most exceptional Pilates instructors I’ve had too. She is great at explaining, making you feel comfortable and cracking a joke too!” Jim Nuttal

North Carlton

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Marisa is a great teacher and works hard to engage with all the members of the class in a lighthearted and interesting manner which helps to drive you to doing the hard work. The exercises that I have done in her class have really helped with engaging more of my core whilst running which has made it easier to perform at a higher level and the stretching has really helped during post run and supplementing general fitness. I look forward to many more years of fun core work! Andrew Bowden