Move and Groove at Batman Park Fun Day

Active Creative Expressive KIDS

Previously known as ‘Move & Groove’, ACE KIDS is the perfect opportunity for kids to get active and have fun through physical expression in a relaxed group setting. Each class uses a diverse blend of creative dance, yoga and pilates set to music to explore a theme familiar to children. A structured but flexible format allows moves to be introduced and linked into sequences that provide the building blocks of the class. Within this format a broad range of exercises help develop physical co-ordination, mobility, flexibility and general fitness. Children not only experience the joy of grooving together, but also learn the importance of looking after themselves and each other with safe movement techniques. Each session ends with simple breathing and relaxation to allow children to leave the class settled and calm for the day.


A single session or a whole course. The choice is yours.

Active Creative Expressive KIDS can be booked on a sessional basis for kindergartens, fetes, kids parties and Mother’s groups.

Call Marisa on 0402916128 to find out more.

We were privileged to have Marisa volunteer her time and run several “Move and Groove” workshops at the 2015 Batman Park Fun Day Fete. She ran a series of workshops for both parents and children involving a mix of yoga, Pilates and dance. Marisa is a wonderfully enthusiastic and inspiring instructor with an unparalleled ability to motivate and encourage families to have fun through movement. Marisa’s warm and extremely energetic approach gave both children and parents alike the confidence to step outside their comfort zone and enjoy all that “Move and Groove” had to offer on Fun Day. Thank-you Marisa for inspiring fun in families, we wish you every success with your programs, and look forward to you being involved in our Fun Day in 2016!


Katela Chrisanthopoulos and Jill Byrnes

2015 Fun Day Fete Coordinators, Batman Park Kindergarten

There is no wonder why Marisa’s Move and Groove session was requested again for the Batman Park Fun Day in 2016. I knew when scheduling the acts for the day that Marisa’s program would be a wonderful way to kick start the event. Her infections energy and enthusiasm encouraged parents young and old to participate. The children got such a thrill to see their parents moovin’ and grooving along with them.
A great program for every age and gender! Thanks again Marisa!
Yvette Walker

2016 Fun Day Fete Entertainment Co-ordinator, Batman Park Kindergarten

Move and Groove at 2016 Batman Park Fun Day