Are you an employer in Melbourne or the inner city looking to boost

productivity and employee satisfaction?

Consider a customised pilates and yoga based workplace fitness and wellness program to improve health and fitness, reduce stress and enhance positive relationships in the workplace.

Just Believe Fit can offer specific strategies for mobilisation and postural alignment during the working day and onsite lunchtime or after hours education sessions.

Empower your staff to stay fit and well at work

Whether it is a single stretch session at a conference or staff meeting to get your employees energised or an extended program of pilates and yoga fitness classes for a specific cohort, Just Believe Fit can get you moving in the right direction.

Feel well, work well, be well!

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We were lucky enough to have Marisa from Just Believe Fit run a session at our recent Staff Wellness Day. As we spend a lot of time sitting, Marisa was able to show us some fantastic ways to exercise, stretch and incorporate some yoga and pilates moves into our work day.  Marisa is an engaging trainer, who catered for a diverse audience ranging in age from 25-65 years!   The feedback from Marisa’s session was very positive, we are definitely planning to invite her back next year!

Danielle Clayman

Wellbeing Coordinator , The University of Melbourne

Do you devote the same attention to yourself as you do your job?

At the start, middle or end of the working day, treat your body to a dynamic, easy to follow and no fuss blend of Pilates and Yoga that will leave you stretched, strong and stress free. No need to travel. Just Believe Fit comes to you! Each 1 hour class is adapted to the skills and needs of the participants with progressions and regressions given where required. Classes start mindfully with a focus on body awareness, breath and postural alignment. This helps establish a safe foundation to steadily introduce exercises to build strength, core stability and general flexibility. Classes end with 5-10 minutes of breathing and relaxation to provide a fully rounded wellbeing experience.

Feel well, work well!

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I have now attended 2 x 4 week sessions of Stretch, Strengthen and Energise classes and I have thoroughly enjoyed each one.At times I thought I was too busy at work to attend, but by marking the sessions in my calendar, it made me commit and not organise something else in the time space. I think I have been more productive during the afternoon after each session, as I have felt energised and motivated.I have loved the variety of the classes and not one class has been the same. With a slight concentration on different parts of the body, I have learnt about my own strengths and weaknesses. My balance skills are certainly an area I need to improve in, but overall I have been very happy with my flexibility and movement capabilities. It is great you can work at your own level, with opportunities to go a step further if you feel confident with the movement.An advantage of the class is you don’t get hot and sweaty, even though you have completed a work out. This works well for a lunch time class, not having to have a shower before returning to the workplace.

Thank you Marisa, for enabling me to participate in an activity I have never done before and one I feel confident in pursuing.



Delwyn Graham

Manager of Early Learning, Royal Children's Hospital

I always feel fantastic after one of Marisa’s classes and really like the combination of yoga and Pilates. Highly recommended.

Tim Rolfe

General Manager, The Creature Technology Company

Our Pilates class with Marisa has quickly become a highlight of the week, for then obvious health and wellbeing benefits but also the wonderful humour and charm that Marisa brings to each session. Laughing strengthens the core too, I think! Philip Millar

Associate Artistic Director, CTC and Puppet Vision

Classes are great for stretching out the limbs and also the mind. Every Thursday is a guaranteed giggle with some hard ab work! Just love it! Jasmyne Mack

Social Worker, Royal Children's Hospital

Move to offset the risks of extended periods of sitting

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