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The more we live, the more we learn, the more we learn, the more we live.

Just Believe Fit is not another gym or purist boutique fitness studio. It is an active learning environment where you can get to know your body and how to make friends for life.

This is why in addition to physical fitness classes we offer regular workshops and seminars with specialist instructors and well-being practitioners by invitation. We aim to provide information that is useful and immediately applicable to everyday living.

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We love to offer variety and let you sample the latest in mind body trends and techniques.

From July each FORTNIGHT a different guest instructor will treat you to a piece of their passion to inspire you and stoke the fires of your curiosity.

Simply purchase a single class or use your regular multi class pass to book in and attend these classes.

21/7/185-6 pmAngela PaladinNIA - DANCE BASED FITNESS Come and join in a special Nia class and experience the joy of movement with movement educator Angela Paladin. Nia incorporates dance arts, martial arts and healing arts, promoting mindfulness, whole-body conditioning and wellbeing. Suitable for all ages and all abilities, Nia focuses on moving the body’s way, promoting body centred awareness, creativity and flexibility. It improves strength and balance and is a fun way to work out.
28/7/185-6 pmAndrea GazebodyART is a barefoot myofascial mat workout that creates a positive holistic synergy between mind, body, and spirit. Breath- focussed, flowing, functional movement with ambient music, bodyART transitions through the five elements of Chinese Medicine; Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal, and Water. Based on the Yin and Yang philosophy, bodyART is a seamless fusion of movement inspired by tai chi, martial arts, yoga, dance, pilates and functional fitness, as well as stretching and relaxation. Just some of the benefits include improvements in strength and awareness, mobility and flexibility, cardio fitness, core strength and deeper levels of relaxation and sleep. The class provides options thoughout, so every participant can choose the right balance of challenge and nurturing to suit themselves. After the 60-minute bodyART session, participants often feel an incredible sense of physical freedom as well as emotional release and calmness. bodyART is uniquely non-competitive and non-judgemental, creating a sense of self-confidence combined with self-care and acceptance.
4/8/18 Rescheduled5-6 pmJoanna LeePILATES FOR LOWER BACK HEALTH Does your lower back feel tight sometimes? Or is it more like a dull pain that just never goes away? Can't do your shoelaces up like you used to? Come and join Joanna in this workshop to learn a few gentle tricks that can help you feel better! You will also learn some exercises to wake up those core and glute muscles (if they've been asleep). Joanna has helped many to move freely, so here's your chance!

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